Driving events

Nominations are to be paid upon completion and submission of application form to email address provided.

Conditions of entry


Driver briefing

All competing drivers are required to attend a drivers briefing before events begin. 

Drivers that don't attend will forfeit their chance to compete.   

Drivers assume full responsibility and accept full liability for their own health, well-being, safety, physical actions and the result of all their actions. 

Drivers must complete and sign every applicable section of the entry form before competing. Any incomplete forms submitted will not be accepted and driver will not be allowed to compete. 

Utes must be registered as a utility and must have a tub or a tray (removable canopy allowed) 

Safety inspection

All vehicles nominated for driving events must pass a safety inspection before admittance to the arena.  

All Utes must be registered and road worthy to enter the competition. 


Vehicles must be presented to the marshalling area 15 minutes prior to the  start of nominated event.  All vehicles nominated for driving events will be required to park in designated area inside main arena when not participating in an event. 

 Failure to comply with rules and parking instructions given by officials will result in automatic disqualification from the competition and forfeiture of any entry fee. 

Drivers will be breath tested prior to competing. A zero alcohol result will be required for a driver to compete.   

ANY participant found partaking of alcohol or other illegal substances whilst participating in a driving event will face immediate disqualification from that event.


A 10 kph speed limit is applicable within the grounds of the event. This limit is in place at all times, including after racing hours. Any competitor found exceeding the speed limits may be excluded from the event.


WITHDRAWAL FROM MEETING: Any competitors unable to continue in competition must immediately advise Stewards enabling alternative qualifiers to be seeded into the brackets.

On course rules

Sarina Ute Muster event organisers reserve the right to vary the competition times.

No passengers are allowed. This is a driver only event unless required due to impairment such as hearing etc.

All competitors will wear covered shoes. No thongs or sandals allowed.

Seat belts must be worn and properly adjusted during competition.

Windows must be wound up during the entirety of a run.

If during the race you think your car has broken please leave the arena immediately (IF POSSIBLE) and drive on the grassed areas at each side of the track.

 Any racer abusing an Official or Steward will face IMMEDIATE disqualification, expulsion from the grounds and banned from participating at future events for a set period of time. 

The judge’s decision is final.

Prizes for each event to be advised