Novelty Contests


Thong throwing competition

Ever had to outrun your Mothers thong? You'll know the skill required for this contest then! Get your throwing arm warmed up, you might just be in with a chance. 

Pie eating competition

Not everybodies cup of tea but if you think you can stomach the consequences step right up and give this one a go.

Kids Ute race and Show n Shine

This one's for the kids. The challenge is to create your very own cardboard ute and see if you can out pace your rivals. 

Enter your creation in the Kids Show n Shine before the racing begins. 

Hay bale race

Grab a mate and line up for some fun on the hay! The object of the race is to carry a bale of hay across the line. What could possibly go wrong? Ha!

Dash for Cash

Now for the biggy! Just as the title suggests all you have to do is dash for the cash. Could it be so simple? We'll see........


Nominations for all events, with the exception of 'Dash for Cash', are a gold coin donation.

Nomination for Dash for Cash is $10. 


Files coming soon.