Ute Muster vendors



Sarina Ute Muster dates: Friday 4th and Monday 7th October, 2019

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 5.00pm Sunday 15th September, 2019 

Once you apply, you will be bound by the conditions set out in this application if you are chosen to be a vendor at the 2019 Sarina Ute Muster.


The Sarina Ute Muster (Festival) is promoted by Ripplestone Creek Pty Ltd (we, us and our).  The Festival aims to attract trade sites that offer a variety of enjoyable, affordable, high quality goods and services at competitive prices.

All trade sites should reflect the locally orientated, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the Muster and it is expected that trade sites will feature colourful and festive decoration.


These Terms and Conditions set out the basis on which you will be granted a non-assignable licence to have a trade site at the Muster. Tickets to the Muster are given and admission is granted on the basis that you are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

A reference to ‘you’ and ‘your’ in these terms and conditions is a reference to each vendor; and a reference to ‘your personnel’ is a reference to your employees, contractors, sub-contractors, employees of sub-contractors, labour hire employees, work experience students, volunteers and any other representatives engaged by you for the Muster.


You must be the registered and licensed owner and principal operator of the trade site for the duration of the Muster, including Bump In and Bump Out. 

Application forms are found on this page with all submission details explained.

All relevant application forms must be completed with as much information as possible about the proposed site. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted.


Selection of sites is based on information you provide to us and factors we take into consideration when selecting sites for the Muster, including:

  • quality and attractiveness of your product
  • diversity and variety of trade sites for our patrons
  • presentation of your site

Make sure you include a precise and detailed description of your trade site. You must include an artist impression and/or visual image/photo(s), in colour, to assist with your application.

Some trade sites may not be accepted mainly for reasons of duplication. Non-acceptance is not a reflection on you or your site.

Acceptance emails will be sent within three weeks of applications closing. Please ensure you have given the correct email address as this will be the main source of communication. In the event your application is unsuccessful, you will also be notified via email. If your application is successful, you will receive a Vendor Information Pack.

Please note:  Site allocation and the selection of trade sites is at our absolute and sole discretion and all decisions are final. We reserve the right to reject any application.  No further correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants.


Sarina Showgrounds – Bruce Highway, Sarina QLD.


The Muster runs on Saturday 5th October to Monday 7th October 2019.

All trade sites may, subject to compliance with rules and regulations, take up possession of their nominated site from 9.00am on Friday 4th October 2019 for Bump In purposes.

Trade sites must be completely set up before 8.00am on Saturday 5th October. All display equipment, stock, vehicles etc. must remain on site until the close of Festival, approximately Midnight Sunday 6th October. Our Safety Officer will advise once the site has been cleared and vehicle movement is allowed. All sites must be vacated by 2.00pm on Monday 7th October and the site must be left in a clean and tidy condition prior to your departure. 

Bump In/Bump Out times are listed below:

BUMP IN Friday 4th October 2019 9.00am – 9.00pm  (lockdown)
TRADING HOURS Saturday 5th - Sunday October 2019 8.30am –8.30pm
BUMP OUT Sunday 6th - Monday 7th October 2019. Once advised by the Safety Officer vehicle movement is allowed after Midnight – 2.00pm

Trade sites must operate and have staff in attendance during the trading times listed below.  

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2019
Trading Hours:      8.30am – 8.30pm  

Please note: The Muster Arena is in lock down from 10.00pm Friday 4th October – 8.30pm Sunday 6th October 2019, strictly NO vehicle access will be available during this time.


No infrastructure is included in site cost. Trade sites needing to hire a marquee will need to book directly with a local supplier. This marquee booking is a separate arrangement between you and the hire company. As part of an agreement we have with your supplier, all marquees ordered by you will be erected on your allocated site prior to your arrival. No flooring, lighting or furniture will be provided for marquees unless prior arrangements have been made by you.


Please ensure your trade site is colourfully decorated in a way that not only reflects your product, but compliments the Muster. The trade site must be clean and presentable and your personnel must be clean and tidily dressed and conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.

Trade sites will be judged over the weekend and an award will be given to the most visually pleasing site. The winner will be announced in late October and will receive one free trade site at the 2020 Sarina Ute Muster.


Boundaries of your nominated site must be observed and all billboards, vehicles, goods, equipment and supplies must be displayed and housed within this area. You must not encroach onto walkways, adjacent sites or other areas.

Any billboards/ bow flags found outside of your nominated trade site will be removed and taken to the Operations Centre for you to collect.


Site allocation and the selection of trade sites is at our absolute and sole discretion and all decisions are final. We reserve the right to reject any application.  No further correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants.


There are NO banking or change facilities located at the Muster. Please ensure you have adequate change available for the duration of the Muster.


Areas of the Festival may operate a no smoking policy and you must comply with any such policy.


General trade vendors are not allowed to sell or serve food without permission from the Event Coordinator. Trade vendors who wish to sell food must apply to operate a catering site and pay the appropriate fee.


You are required to provide your own leads and power-boards fitted with circuit breakers; the equipment must be water resistant and maintained above ground. By Australian standards it is recommended that a 10amp outlet (240 vaults) takes a maximum of 2400 watts.

Any damage caused by electrical over-consumption, overload or misuse will attract penalties.

An electrical outlet can be supplied for a fee of $60.


All food distributed at the Festival (either sold or given away) must comply with the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code and any other applicable health and safety regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure these regulations are met.

Only products and services that you have listed on your trade site application form are permitted to be sold at your trade site. There is a strict NO GLASS POLICY at the Festival; all products must be in non-breakable containers. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Note that certain suppliers may have exclusive rights and restrictions may apply on what goods you can sell. We will notify you if any such restrictions apply to your trade site.


We reserve the right to prohibit offensive goods from being sold or displayed at the Muster, and may at our discretion remove any such goods from your trade site if we consider that such goods may offend or infringe any third party rights, such as copyright.

Knives and other objects that can be used as weapons may not be sold from your trade site. The sale of alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes is also prohibited.

We have overall control of signage, material and products sold or displayed at the Muster. No article, sign, picture, sticker, print matter, etc. is to display any of the Sarina Ute Muster trademarked logos or images. This includes the words Sarina Ute Muster or the Sarina Ute Muster logo.

The official staff of the Muster are authorised to enter upon trade sites at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or print matter, which in their opinion may be the cause of offence to the public. Likewise, any unseemly conduct demonstrated by any person on any trade site deemed by us to be offensive or threatening will not be tolerated and said person(s) will be removed from the Muster.


You consent by filling in this application form (in your own capacity and on behalf of your personnel) to be included in film, photos and recordings of the Muster and for those recordings to be used by us in any medium or context throughout the world in perpetuity without further authorisation by or compensation to you or your personnel.


It is your responsibility to book and pay for your accommodation. Please note there is minimal accommodation in Sarina over the weekend and we make no guarantees that accommodation will be available. Please contact Muster Event Staff for more information.

You are welcome to camp in our camping grounds. 


Parking is available for all vendors during the Festival, in the day parking. There is no parking inside the Muser Arena unless your vehicle is being used on your site for static display, storage or stock refrigeration purposes. All vehicles must fit within the confines of your site; there is no room to park vehicles behind your site. If you choose to park within the site camping areas please be aware there is a no traffic movement rule in place for the entirety of the weekend so you won’t be able to leave site at all until Monday morning.
Day parking is available via entry through the main gate and will allow you to come and go if necessary.

All vehicles must have a vehicle pass fixed to the right hand side of their windscreen for the duration of the Festival. Vehicle passes are not transferrable and cannot be sold.

All vehicles are prohibited from moving around the Muster Arena during Muster Arena opening hours (8.30am – 8.30pm). Vehicles parking inside the Festival arena need to have entered and parked by 7.30am and will not be able to move offsite until the Safety Officer has cleared the site and allowed vehicle movement. This will come after 8.30pm.


You will be provided with TWO (2) adult vendor passes in your Vendor Information Pack (if your application is successful). It is your responsibility to make sure your personnel receive their wristbands prior to arriving at the Festival. These wristbands will need to be worn for the duration of the Festival. Passes for additional personnel will need to be purchased at the full price and ordered from the MECC Event Ticketer. Please ensure juniors are noted so we can organise the correct pass for them.

Each catering site package will include ONE (1) Muster Arena vehicle pass (MA pass) and Muster Vendor Parking (MVP). The MA pass allows entry into the Festival Arena for drop offs (during the allowed times of 5am to 7.30am) / static vehicle displays / storage of stock etc. The MVP pass only allows your vehicle to Gate 1 where you will need to park and walk from there. Stickers MUST be displayed on the right-hand side of the nominated vehicles windscreen. No vehicles on your site should be visible to patrons unless they are part of your static display. There is no parking area available in the Muster Arena. There is vendor parking allocation available via gate 1. 

All other vendor vehicles will need to enter site via the main entrance and be searched. You will need to park in the day parking if you intend to come and go from site. A pass is not necessary to enter the day parking.

Lost tickets, passes or wristbands will not be replaced and repurchase will be required at gate price.


Muster Site Rules will be provided to you upon your applications acceptance, however please note the following restrictions that apply to the Muster Arena:

  • STRICTLY no glass
  • The right is reserved to vary advertised performing artists, entertainment and the Muster program
  • Entry may be refused if wristbands are damaged or defaced in any way or are not purchased from the organisers or authorized points of sale
  • You are responsible for your own property – There is no storage available at the Muster
  • QLD Road Laws apply on the Sarina Muster Site
  • The organisers may refuse you entry into, or remove you from the Festival if you:
    1. do not obey these terms and conditions
    2. refuse to allow the organisers to inspect bags, containers and vehicles at the Festival
    3. if you disrupt the festival
    4. if you interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other persons at the Festival
    5. if you have acquired a stolen or counterfeit ticket/ wristband

  • No vehicle access allowed during Muster Arena opening hours or site lockdown
  • On site speed limit (5km/h walking pace) must be observed and adhered to
  • No amplified music or public address systems to be used at your site
  • No pets or livestock (except for official guide dogs)
  • No alcohol or illegal substances
  • No fires
  • No products that can be used as a weapon or missile or may cause injury to others may be sold
  • Drug and alcohol consumption is prohibited by all persons staffing any trade site
  • No digging of holes or driving any objects into the ground without first ensuring that there are no underground power cables, telephone cables or water pipes which could be damaged – All damage caused by you or your personnel will be repaired at your expense
  • Trade site holders must not, without the prior consent of the Event Coordinator, permit any person other than the participant, its staff or agents to occupy any part of their site


Please help to conserve precious resources by reducing all retail and bulk packaging. We ask that you use biodegradable/ compostable serving wear (cups, plates, bowls and cutlery) and recycle when possible. A $50.00 rubbish bond will be added onto your invoice, which will be returned if ALL rubbish is binned and your site is left in the same manner it was found. This bond will be deposited back into your bank account by 5.00pm Friday 18th October. Please ensure you provide us with your bank details upon application. The Muster has a strict NO GLASS POLICY.


Professional licensed security, including night patrols, operate 24 hours over the Muster (times are varied on Bump In and Bump Out days). However, it is your responsibility to secure your goods and property. You may remove stock and equipment each night and it is suggested you remove all valuables.

All effort is made to secure the Muster Site but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any person or goods whether or not that loss, damage or injury arises from the negligence of us, our contractors, staff or agents.


Whilst on the Festival site, you are required to comply with all Work, Health and Safety and Muster Site Rules. Anything at or around your Trade site must be securely anchored. All fabric decoration must be flame retardant. All trade sites are required to have a working, in date and tagged fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

You must, at all times, ensure that your trade site is safe and without risks to the health of your personnel and other persons who may come upon the trade site. You will indemnify us against any claims arising from your failure to ensure that your trade site is safe and without risks to the health of your personnel or other persons who come onto the trade site.


As a vendor you will be required to hold a valid Public Liability Insurance policy to the value of at least AUD $20 million and must list Ripplestone Creek Pty Ltd trading as Sarina Ute Muster, ABN  17 628 983 148 in the policy as an interested party, indicating coverage until after the Bump Out of the Festival (7th October).

You are responsible for insuring your own property and stock. You must hold a valid Work Cover Insurance policy in respect of all personnel at your trade site which is in place for the full duration of the Festival (including Bump In and Bump Out).

It is your responsibility to possess adequate property damage insurance for any property used by you or your personnel at the Muster. We will not be liable for any loss of or damage to your property or personnel whilst on the site. We shall not be held liable for any compensation, whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise.

Copies of valid insurance certificates must be forwarded to us no later than 5.00pm Sunday 15th September, 2019. You must have a copy of all insurance certificates on site for the duration of the Festival. If your certificates are or will be expired by Wednesday 2nd October, 2019 then all renewals must be organised in advance and your policy renewed for an earlier date. There will be no exceptions if we haven’t received a copy by Sunday 15th September your site may be cancelled and your site fees forfeited.


Apart from any statutory liability, Sarina Show Committee as the owner of the Muster Site will not be liable or responsible for any damage or loss suffered or incurred by you when you enter or are on the Muster site whether caused by our negligence or otherwise, whether arising in tort, contract, bailment or otherwise – all such injury loss or damage to person or property is at your own risk.  Without limiting the generality of this, appropriate footwear and clothing must  be  worn  at  all  times  at  the  Festival;  ear plugs should be worn if necessary. To the extent permitted by law, we take no responsibility for any hearing damage or loss caused by excessive noise or injury caused by your failure to follow our directives. In the event of injury or illness we may, at your cost, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for your safety of your personnel.

We accept no liability for you or your personnel.  You are personally responsible and liable for any damage caused by you or your personnel to any person or property on site.  At all times you are required to comply with any and all legislative requirements, regulations and industry standard codes of conduct and to the maximum extent permitted by law we and our associated entities will not be liable for any breaches by you or your personnel of any such legislation.

Sites must ensure a safe work environment in accordance with QLD health and safety regulations and must comply with the Ripplestone Creek Pty Ltd trading as Sarina Ute Muster On-Site Work, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. Festival Staff and Council Officers reserve the right to inspect trade sites at any time and request presentation of all relevant documentation.


Vendors are requested to maintain a reliable email and telephone connection with the Muster in the lead up to the Festival. Delayed response to urgent matters may cause deletion from the trade site list. Contact is made predominantly via email. Vendors report directly to the Event Coordinator.


Trade site fees are listed on the application form attached, fees are due by 5.00pm Sunday 15th September 2019. A site will not be regarded as allocated to a vendor until the full amount specified has been paid by the final date for payment. If the fee is not received by this time, the site will be allocated to another vendor.

Trade vendors are offered (2) two vendor passes. Extra personnel will be charged admittance at full price. Please note there is a strict no refund policy on all passes and site fees.

Power outlets are charged at $60.00.

A rubbish bond of $50.00 will be added to your invoice. Any rubbish left on your site will forfeit this bond.  


All prices shown in this document are GST inclusive.


If we should find it necessary or expedient to cancel or postpone the Muster, all contracts shall cease to operate upon notice to that effect, and we shall not be liable for any compensation or refund to you, whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise or any refund of payment of any money paid by you in relation to this contract in respect of such cancellation or suspension.


If you ask to cancel this contract before 5.00pm Sunday 15th September 2019, we may agree to do so on the condition that we retain 50% of the site fee. If you cancel after 5.01 pm Sunday 15th September 2019, we will keep 100% of the site fee.


In the event of a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to terminate this contract, retain any fees paid and take possession of the trade site without notice to you.

We reserve the right to cancel or expel you and/or your personnel at any time without refund.

Trade site vendors not complying with any of the above conditions, not co-operating with our staff or not obeying requests reasonably made, may be asked to leave the Muster and suspended from future participation.


The Event Coordinator will advise you via email if your application is successful/unsuccessful. When you accept this offer, you will be required to pay the fee as indicated in your application.

Site fee and additional vendor passes and power outlet payment is due by 5.00pm Sunday 15th September 2019.

Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified by email.


  • You certify that you will use any space allotted to you for your sole use and only for the purposes shown on your completed application form.
  • You agree to conform as a trade site vendor to all vendor Terms and Conditions, Muster Site Rules, Work Health and Safety regulations and any other conditions and orders we may impose and you undertake to notify your personnel of them.
  • You understand that you must not bring into the Muster Arena any alcohol or glass. QLD liquor licensing laws apply on site. A breach will result in you being asked to leave.
  • You agree for your contact details to be provided by us upon media request for advertising purposes.
  • You have read the Muster Overview, Terms and Conditions and Festival Site Rules as listed in this trade site application form.